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Conference Workshops

In a time where the world is dividing us as a body, a family, as an individual, and as a church, we find ourselves in a constant fight to remain as one as Christ intended. This year’s workshops will be addressing the various ways we can remain as ONE.   In body, spirit, and in corporate worship.  Covering a variety of topics to improve our daily living and spiritual walk.  (Workshops will be held Saturday Morning only.)

Darren Hamilton – Facilitator

Reforming Congregational Worship 

So you have attended church for years!  Perhaps you have participated in worship services as a visitor or member of a local congregation.  Or maybe you have been engaged in leading worship as a worship leader, worship team member or musician in the worship band.  Surely, by now you have acquired a clear picture of what congregational and personal worship looks like.

This workshop will challenge your perceptions about worship by providing insights into biblical principles while exploring the actthe role and the subject of worship.  Be prepared to engage in dialogue surrounding the reformation of worship in the life of the believer and the 21st century church.

Darren Hamilton

Darren is the President and Lead Music Consultant of Destiny Music Consulting Inc., a company that provides a wide range of musical training, arranging, event planning and consulting services for public sector, private sector and non-profit organizations. He also enjoys performing and engaging in gospel music education as a member of the Juno Award-winning Toronto Mass Choir.

Alice Wiafe – Facilitator

How to live as an Emotional Millionaire

The workshop will focus on helping people identify the true meaning of the scripture “ Do not let the sun go down on your anger”. As difficult as it is, participants will be given insight on the true purpose of anger and how to resolve relational problems amicably. The workshop will also highlight the negative aspects of holding on to resentment and its’ spiritual, mental, emotional and physical implications. Finally, participants will be challenged to reflect on their own lives to see if there are “ blind spots” or relationships that need to be worked through considering what they have understood about the subject matter.

Alice Wiafe

For the last decade, Alice has been a speaker and consultant of Anger Management, and has had the privilege of supporting hundreds of men and women through their emotional healing journey. She teaches how we can use difficult relationships to help us strive towards wholeness, purpose and a better quality of life. Alice holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Adler School of Professional Psychology and is completing her doctorate in Psychology from Ryokan College. According to Alice one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a speaker is the opportunity to connect with real people with real problems.

Noel Richards – Facilitator

Mental Health

Mental Health is one of the most pressing issues facing our society today. Due to our culture as a church and a people, historically, people with mental health problems have ignored the signs and symptoms, fearing social exclusion and discrimination. This presentation will bring awareness to the various faucets of mental health, the stigma and cultural biases that are exist in our community and in the church. It will draw attention to the Christian community’s approach to dealing with those in the community that have mental health challenges. Finally, it will bring focus on mental health in context of empowerment in reference to the level of choice, influence and control that those who are diagnosed with mental health concerns can exercise over events in their lives.

Pastor Noel Richards

Noel Richards is the founder and Senior Pastor of Restoration Christian 
Ministries (RCM). He started this ministry after conducting 9 funerals 
for young people who died due to youth violence in the community. 
Following this trajectory, the Lord has blessed him with a secular job 
where he serves as the Chaplain for the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre in 
Brampton. Presently, pursuing a Master of Divinity from Tyndale University with he obtained a Bachelors of Religious Education Degree.

Pastor Kyvenz Amedee- Facilitator

What is Christian unity, and can it be achieved? (French Only)

Dans cet atelier, nous parlerons de l’unité des premiers chrétiens et de leur impact sur leur environnement, tel que présentée dans le livre des Actes. Nous discuterons aussi des façons dont nous pouvons suivre leur exemple aujourd’hui.

Pastor Kyvenz Amedee

Kyvenz came to know the Lord at the age of 19, and has been walking with and serving Christ ever since. After having spent several years in banking management, he joined the ministry of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), where he oversees the French office. He also currently pastors Gospelvie Church, located downtown Montreal. He is married to his wife Madglara of 17 years, along with three children.